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Pride of Scientists (especially Atheists)

I realized something as I was watching a video today. Atheist scientists act with such confidence in everything they say that if a religious person acted a quarter as cocky and self-assured they would be lambasted for their pride and hubris.

Now I should also be specific. The most brilliant minds, even when they were agnostic, did not speak like this. I'm talking about mid-level scientists. They have just enough knowledge to feel like they are better than everyone else, without the lessons in humility that come from religion. This is because they view religion as completely worthless at best and thus ignore it. Then, because they have nothing to follow, they revert to a primitive non-religious attitude which religion sets about to correct.

What scientists have wrong is that religion is not about science any more than music is. It's about morals and spirituality. But scientists feel they don't need these things. Because of this, there is nothing stopping them from living according to their base desires such as anger, pettiness, and yes, pride.

Look how many scientists, who know absolutely nothing about religion, tell everyone religion is harmful and they should stop following it. This would be like a poet declaring science has no purpose simply because he doesn't understand.

But here's the thing. Religion is far more important than science, even though science is very important. Think about it. What causes problems in our world? Anger, jealousy, attachment to sin such as gluttony, lust, etc. If we could have a world where everyone loved and cared for one another and treated them with respect, that would solve so many things.

Atheist scientists who have nothing to offer in this area, rather than stay out of the conversation altogether, force everyone else to listen to their ideas on them. Yet, no religious person in a million years would be conceited enough for force everyone to listen to their opinions about science.

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Friday, June 03, 2016

Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Today, Friday, June 3, 2016

Today is the feast day of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This is when we celebrate Christ's love for us which flows from his heart.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Printing Press

Gutenberg's Printing Press: CYAN (Catholic Young Adults of Newfoundland)

Interesting information

The Truth About Daycare - NC Register

Definitely agree - daycares are nothing but early indoctrination stations.

Telling Government to do something ISN'T charity

You can argue whether or not the government has a positive impact on our society. But what cannot be argued from a Catholic perspective is that demanding the government do something isn't charity. Again, one could argue that we should try to influence the government to do the "right thing" but that doesn't fulfill your obligation to be charitable.

Of course, a much superior way of helping people rather than wasting your time demanding some faceless institution do it, is to just get off your lazy behind and go out there and help someone. In fact, this traditionally worked much better. Think about it. Say your brother is on hard times, tell me what's preferable:

A) Going out with a placard demanding higher social assistance or EI payments? Writing letters to MPs telling them about your brother? I mean most people don't even do that much but just assume.

B) Inviting your brother to live with you while he gets back on his feet, helping pay his bills, and also helping him find a job, driving him around etc.

Obviously B is much superior. But people don't even bother to lift a finger to help their neighbor or family member anymore. I hear the stories all the time. People will say "my mom needs help" "my brother needs help" but they don't even consider helping that person themselves.

You might be thinking, but how can I personally provide medical care? I'm not a doctor. Well maybe instead of wasting time you could have spent more time making money or had a better paying job and then you could afford these services (assuming you live in a free society where this is legal unlike Canada). I find people don't take personal responsibility anymore. They just offload it onto everyone else.

So instead of wasting countless hours trying to get the government to do something, follow one of the corporal works of mercy and help someone out yourself!

Canada's healthcare system is immoral

Just another example of Canada's immoral healthcare system. One of the only countries where seeking private healthcare is ILLEGAL. It's immoral if you are not allowed to take care of yourself or others.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Harambe the Gorilla killed: A Catholic response

Harambe the Gorilla was killed the other day at the Cincinnati zoo after a kid fell in. The gorilla didn't seem to really be doing much in terms of threatening the boy but was nonetheless shot by security personnel fearing the beast would kill the boy.

Now of course the keyboard warriors of the world are all up in arms, demanding justice for this animal. I like animals. I think the silver back gorilla is an amazing creature and very interesting to watch. But no animal is equal in value to a human being. On one of the Youtube channels to which I subscribe, the guy said we should have let whatever happen to the kid because the gorilla is more valuable since there are fewer gorillas than people.

But this attitude is anti-Christian. Christ did not die to save gorillas or any other non-human animal. Sure, Harambe seemed peaceful enough, but an ape that size can kill a child in an instant. Would every be praising slow-acting security guards who let that happen? I doubt it.

Catholicism's pre-eminent theologians, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine did not even think animals had any rights per se. The only reason we had a moral imperative to treat animals in a non-cruel way, according to these thinkers, was if there was a danger the cruelty could carry over into our relationship to humans. It wasn't because the animals were so special.

Since animal souls do not survive death, they do not have eternal value. God created them to serve humanity, not the other way around. While some people bemoan the fact that there are 7 billion humans, we are not vermin or a parasite or a disease, but in fact, each one of us is loved by God, even those who hate humans.

When I see animals and nature, I am awed by God's greatness. But I can never forget that only we can spend eternity with God in heaven. Incidentally, the Christian viewpoint about animals is similar to atheists' view of human beings, i.e. we are just one of many species and deserve no special attention. Also, life is about obtaining pleasure whatever the cost, and human life is expendable if it serves the greater good. Atheists will point to the inquisition or the Crusades as examples of Christians not valuing human life, but in a "good" day atheistic regimes of the 20th century could cause more harm than those two Christian events combined, assuming they were exactly as they are popularly caricatured to have been.

It's sad that Harambe had to be killed, but it's better to kill 1000 gorillas than to let one boy die.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Taylor Marshall is Worried about Pope Francis - So are Many Others

Prominent Catholic Writer Taylor Marshall: “I feel dizzy as a Catholic”.


Taylor Marshall, a well-known Catholic writer, with popular books, blogs, and webcasts, says since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, he has been dizzy as a Catholic. He clarifies, “I’m not sick to my stomach. But I’m dizzy.” In a nice way, he says he has to pray 10 times harder for Pope Francis, recognising the dangers.


And he’s right. For traditional and observant Catholics, Pope Francis has been a cause for concern. He is something of a loose cannon. He makes random, off-the-cuff comments all the time which lead to huge amounts of ambiguity, which the media uses to its advantage to promote its progressive agenda. Many traditional Catholics immediately jump in to defend what the pope says, no matter what. I get the feeling that they would defend literally anything he says, never criticizing it, even in its delivery, and automatically blame the media for distorting it.


I get that the media distorts what the pope says, but to uncritically endorse everything the pope says is imprudent, in my opinion. The pope is only guaranteed infallibility in matters of faith and morals when speaking ex cathedra. That doesn’t preclude him saying things that make no sense, are ambiguous, or downright wrong. It’s also my opinion the pope should recognize the power his words have and that not everyone understands infallibility and he should thus be very sparing in making public statements. Maybe he should consider issuing only official statements as opposed to commenting, off-the-cuff, on controversial issues from airplanes.


I think the pope is trying to reach out to the public, however I think this is a bad strategy. Although he has been faithful on many topics, on others it seems he is trying to offer an olive branch by issuing vague and unclear statements to placate progressives. Recently he made a shocking statement comparing l.S.l.S. trying to spread its power to Jesus sending forth the twelve apostles. Again, maybe he just meant lslam in general  is a religion seeking converts like Christianity but this obviously leads to confusion, if not anger. I believe a review team of orthodox priests or bishops would help greatly in avoiding this incidences.


I can see why Taylor Marshall feels fearful about this papacy. All traditional Catholics do. Catholicism has a brand. If you ask a person on the street what Catholicism means, they will (hopefully) say people observing a high moral standard, unity in belief, nuns wearing habits, large families, going to confession, and other stereotypes. In movies, the Church is usually portrayed as a place people go in times in turmoil, where they can sit silently and pray when Mass is not underway. The church is always portrayed as having traditional architecture, along with statues, holy images, and incense. Gregorian chant is sung. These things are important because they set the Church apart, they turn our gaze to heavenly things. People enter a unique and sacred realm.


Instead of trying to be “hip” or unnecessarily controversial or edgy, the Church and the pope should draw upon the immense treasury of Catholic teaching and writing from the past two millennia. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and it might be a good idea for the current pope to speak publicly a little less. Let’s all pray for Pope Francis.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CBC pushing agendas

Here's the deal: CBC needs to go. They've become nothing but a progressivist mouth piece. When they're not mocking or bashing Christians, and praising Muslims, they are promoting their agendas of gender-destruction and the advancement of the culture of death.

Then they get people like Neil MacDonald to do journalism-free hit pieces. Recently he wrote a real winner which ostensibly was about criticizing Trump, but went on to endlessly and pointlessly bash anyone he felt belong to the "right wing", you know that catch-all phrase for anything lefties don't like. I mean seriously, what does Trump have to do with young earth creationists? You better ask MacDonald.

So why should Canadians be forced to pay for this shoddy, extremely biased drivel? I, unlike leftists, am in favour of free speech, so by all means keep up your online, radio, and television presence but don't force everyone else to pay for it under the false pretense that it is somehow objective or necessary for Canadians. In fact, it is a cesspool of journalism's worst.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I'm feeling frustrated. I was going to make a video about my last blog, but nothing seemed to work... Programs didn't work, couldn't get anything going. Oh well. Maybe some other time readers.

John of God - Patron Saint of Heart Problems

John of God, who was born in Portugal in 1495, started off as a soldier and became a medical worker later in Spain. His followers founded a medical organization called the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God in 1572 and they carry out their work to this day.

St. John of God who was canonized by the Catholic Church is the patron saint of heart diseases. Working as a soldier until age 40, John later became a shepherd. With time to himself to think, he realized he was a great sinner and decided to amend his life. At first he was going to go help Christians in Muslim countries, but was convinced not to do that after hearing a great speech by St. John of Avila. John of God had great zeal for proclaiming God's message, but he was somewhat out of control and ended up in a mental asylum. While in the asylum, he was visited by John of Avila who counselled him to control himself and start a hospital, which he did, once again with great energy. John of God was known for his humility and dedication to the sick.

One particular source has an amazing story of John's humility. Here is one quote I found particularly moving:

In the beginning John went begging for money to support these poor, but soon people came to give him alms, food, and supplies because they were so impressed with his charity. Once when a fire broke out in the house, John ran back into the burning building countless times, carrying the sick out on his back. Unemployed men came to the door, and he found them work. When the archbishop called John to his office because people complained that John kept tramps and immoral women in his hospital, he was silenced by John's humility. John fell on his knees, saying, "I know of no bad person in my hospital except myself, who am unworthy to eat the bread of the poor." Another bishop who invited John to supper was so impressed by his humility that he called him John of God.

A recent development in this whole story is a new person who also calls himself John of God located in Brazil. His real name is João Teixeira de Faria. He mixes in a lot of traditional Catholicism with his brand of mysticism, New Ageism, and mediumship. I looked it up on Youtube and there was a video by Oprah where she visits his facility. Some Northern European guy was profiled who had back issues, so he visited this medium calling himself John of God. John made an incision in the man's chest (without anesthetic) while the man remained standing. It caused bleeding and he was then brought to a recovery room. The man felt the procedure had helped him.

I think it's best to keep our prayers with the traditional John of God. He is the patron saint of heart problems and diseases. Please feel free to share your stories or place your prayer intentions for a family member or friend who may have heart issues. This may be a brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband, son, or daughter. Perhaps it's a coworker.

Ask St. John of God for his intercession. This doesn't mean the saint has magical powers on his own. Rather St. John will join his prayers with your own toward God.

Here is a prayer you can recite toward John of God (originally found here):
Saint John of God, I honor thee as the Patron of the Sick, especially of those who are afflicted by heart disease. I choose thee to be my patron and protector in my present illness. To thee I entrust my soul, my body, all my spiritual and temporal interests, as well as those of the sick throughout the world. To thee I consecrate my mind, that in all things it may be enlightened by faith above all in accepting my cross as a blessing from God; my heart, that thou doth keep it pure and fill it with the love for Jesus and Mary that burned in thy heart; my will, that like thine, it may always be one with the Will of God. 
Good Saint John, I honor thee as the model of penitents, for thou didst receive the grace to give up a sinful life and to atone for thy sins by untiring labors in behalf of the poor and sick. Obtain for me the grace from God to be truly sorry for my sins, to make atonement for them and never again offend God. Aid me in mastering my evil inclinations and temptations, and in avoiding all occasions of sin. Through thine intercession may I obtain the grace from Jesus and Mary to fulfill faithfully all the duties of my state of life and to practice those virtues which are needful for my salvation. Help me to belong to God and Our Lady in life and in death through perfect love. May my life, like thine, be spent in the untiring service of God and my neighbor. 
Since Holy Mother Church also invokes thee in her prayers for the dying, I beg thee to be with me in my last hour and pray for me. As thou didst die kneeling before a crucifix, may I find strength, consolation and salvation in the Cross of my Redeemer, and through His tender mercy and the prayers of Our Lady, and through thine intercession, attain to eternal life. Amen.

Peace be with you, friends.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13: Feast Day of St. Hilary of Poitiers

St. Hilary of Poitiers is a male saint who was born in 300AD and died at the age of 68 in 368. A Doctor of the Catholic Church, Hilary is known as Hammer of the Arians and the Athanasius of the West. Some sources say he live from 310 to 367 instead, meaning he was under 60 at the time of his death.

Although Hilary was a strong opponent of Arianism, he could see that some of the schism related more to wording than to doctrinal disputes. Hilary composed a treatise where he successfully expressed Greek theological terms in Latin. He was able to do this while conveying the subtlety of the positions.

Hilary maintained the existence of many antichrists, rather than a single one, which is a common belief nowadays. This was the opinion of the Church Fathers in general - that anyone who opposes Christ is an antichrist.

Prior to his conversion, Hilary had a daughter named Saint Abra, who became a nun as per her father's request. Sadly she died as a teenager.

Hilary became known as a pre-eminent writer in the Christian Church, as he preceded Ambrose and Augustine, the latter going so far as to call him "the illustrious doctor of the churches"

St. Hilary is the patron saint of lawyers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

AMAZING: Good Friday on March 25th, 2016. Same Day as the Annunciation!

A truly amazing thing will be happening this year. Good Friday 2016 is on March 25, the same day as the Feast of the Annunciation, the day Jesus was conceived in Mary's womb.

This is amazing because traditionally many Christians have believed that Jesus was conceived on and died on the same day. The feast of the Annunciation, in which Mary receives the word from an angel that she will bear the Son of God, occurred on March 25 and is celebrated on that date every year.
Good Friday on the other hand, which marks the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, changes each year.

This amazing occurrence will not happen again for another 141 years! Since the year 1700 AD, Good Friday has been on the same day as the Annunciation just 11 times. See the list below for a complete record of all dates where this happened since 1700. From 1700 to 2200 (500 years), this will happen 14 times, or about once every 35.71 years.

What did the Church Fathers have to say about this:

St. Augustine of Hippo, one of the original 4 Doctors of the Church, in his book On The Trinity (Sermon 202) writes:

He is believed to have been conceived on the 25th of March, upon which day also He suffered; so the womb of the Virgin, in which He was conceived, where no one of mortals was begotten, corresponds to the new grave in which He was buried, wherein was never man laid, neither before nor since.
Tertullian and St. Hippolytus of Rome both mention that Jesus died on March 25 as well.

I was thinking about it myself and thought of it this way: Jesus as God lowered himself and came down from heaven to become incarnate as a man. This happened on the Annunciation. At his crucifixion, Jesus died so that man could enter heaven, sort of the reverse of his own incarnation. It is fitting that these would occur on the same day, some 33 years apart. The entire salvation story had come full circle.

Below, I link to an article written by Jimmy Akin, a Catholic apologist. He argues that Jesus could not have died on March 25th, based on research. Despite this, I think it's important to note the significance of this event, even if Jesus did not die on that date, because nonetheless his death is being observed on that date, and that's what makes it significant.

The bottom line is I think this is a truly special event which should be observed by all Christians as it reminds of that Christ's Annunciation and Salvific Suffering and Death are inextricably linked.

In this painting by Francesc Comes, in the second panel the Annunciation is depicted and in the third is the crucifixion.

Years in which Good Friday and the Annunciation Both Occur on March 25:

  1. 1701
  2. 1712
  3. 1785
  4. 1796
  5. 1842
  6. 1853
  7. 1864
  8. 1910
  9. 1921
  10. 1932
  11. 2005
  12. 2016
  13. 2157
  14. 2168
  15. 2214
  16. 2225
  17. 2236
Additional Resources:

I found an article written by inestimable Jimmy Akin on this subject as well. Jimmy Akin is of the opinion that Jesus most certainly did not really die on March 25, and does not think the scholarship on the subject points to that either:

Dates for Easter 2016 (Also Good Friday, Holy Thursday, and more)

Easter Dates 2016:

Easter Sunday: Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Other Important Dates:

Ash Wednesday: Wednesday, February 10, 2016 (1st day of Lent)

Holy Thursday: Thursday, March, 2016

** Good Friday: Friday, March 25, 2016 **

Holy Saturday: Saturday, March 26th, 2016

Easter Sunday: Sunday, March 27th, 2016

Sunday, December 06, 2015

St Nicholas

hi everybody I just wanted to quickly say happy Saint Nicholas Day today to all my Catholic readers. I'm hoping to put out more blogs soon so stay tuned. Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary - October 7, 2015

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 is the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary. This day commemorates the victory of Christian forces over Muslim invaders in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

What happened was Pope Pius V called for all of Europe to pray the rosary for a victory. There was even a rosary procession in Rome. After everyone said the rosary, the Christians miraculously overcame the invading Muslim forces. Remember, Muslims at the time were centered around war and conquest. They were very powerful and formidable. Most of their time and energy was spent developing new ways of subjugating various lands.

To give you an idea of the immensity of the Christian victory, the Christians killed 20,000 Muslims vs. 7500 Christians that were killed. Also, the Christians were able to release 12,000 captive Christians. This battle was extremely important and decisive. Had Christian forces failed, it is possible all of Europe would be completely conquered by Muslims, and non-Muslims would quickly become second-class citizens.

So today, say a rosary to commemorate this important event!

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Carly Fiorina was RIGHT about demonic activities of Planned Parenthood

This is an eye-opening article about how Carly Fiorina, a Republican candidate for president, was right about Planned Parenthood and their employees trying to keep a fetus alive to harvest its organs: